Private Teaching

Niklas Elgmo offers individual lessons where he invites you to paint in his private studio on Öland.

Step by step
Still life

The teaching is tailored to each participant’s unique needs and wishes. Everyone, from beginners to more experienced artists, is welcome!

If you are a group (two or more), you are also welcome. See price information below.


Exactly what the course format looks like is shaped according to the participant’s development and adapted over time.

Niklas teaches all forms of “figurative” (imaginative) drawing and painting. It can be, for example, still life, landscape, figure and portrait. Understanding of materials, color, shape, denominations, perspective are just a few examples of things that Niklas can help you develop in your creation.

The techniques Niklas himself works in are drawing in charcoal/pencil and painting in oil.

Time and place

Each course lasts 3 hours and takes place on site in Nikla’s private studio in Holmetorp on Öland.

The schedule is determined according to the conditions of the course participant and Niklas. The studio is available to the participant at least 30 minutes before and after the course session.


  • Single occasion SEK 1,500
  • Package with 3 occasions SEK 3,500
  • Package with 6 occasions SEK 6,000

For each additional participant, 50% is added to the price. For example, if you are two participants on a single occasion, you pay SEK 2,250.

All prices include VAT. Payment takes place at the time of the course.


The course participant is responsible for his own material. We provide an easel and some material. Niklas recommends suitable material depending on the type of course. You can leave materials and wet paintings behind so you don’t have to carry them back and forth.

Safety and working environment

The studio is equipped with first aid, fire alarms, fire blankets and fire extinguishers. Hazardous/toxic substances (solvents, paints) must be handled in accordance with current safety and environmental regulations.


About Niklas

Artist born in Kalmar. Educated in classical oil painting at the Swedish Academy of Realist Art and the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. After his studies in Florence, he also taught at the Florence Academy of Art. Since 2018 living on Öland where he runs Isola Studios.

Photo: Emma Tinnert

You can read more about Niklas and see examples of his work at